Facebook Lite App is more widely used than Facebook applications

Facebook Lite App is more widely used than Facebook applications – Facebook Lite, a Facebook application for owners of cheap smartphones and limited internet networks, is apparently growing faster than the Facebook application.

Lite was launched in 2015, and according to the Mashable page quoted by the Lipno6.com Tekno team on Thursday (3/10/2016), this lightweight and fast application has been accessed by 100 million active users per month.

Facebook Lite itself has aired in more than 150 countries with the most users in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the Philippines.

“Facebook Lite is the fastest growing application. We will invest more so that this product continues to get better,” said Vijay Shankar, Product Manager for Facebook Lite.

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This lightweight application was launched nine months ago with the aim of cheap smartphone users being able to use mobile data more efficiently, but not reducing the speed of internet access.

Lite is less than 1MB in size and to ensure this application runs quickly, no video is presented in it. In addition, the developer also advises users to download the Facebook Messenger application separately.

For information, Facebook Lite was developed with the help of research in India which is the second largest Facebook market in the world.

The social network made by Mark Zuckerberg also found a strong demand for video. Now, compared to accessing Facebook Lite Messenger through the application, users are reported to prefer using Lite while on a 2G network.

Since its launch, Lite has introduced various features that approach the Facebook application without having to worry about data usage. Most importantly, this application starts to support low resolution videos.

Not only that, Facebook Lite Download also provides a ‘Play Later’ feature that allows users to download a video and notifies the user if the video has finished downloading.

“The purpose of Lite is not to present all the features available on the Facebook Lite app. Facebook Lite must remain on the initial principle, which is to present Facebook content with efficient data,” Shankar said.

source: liputan6.com

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